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Wedding Limo Service mission is to offer our customers fast and easy access to unbeatable prices for limousine and chauffeured transportation services for all types of occasions worldwide.

Wedding Limo Service Near Me

Wedding limousines are not only about arriving on time and how you look. Wedding limousine services usually allow using so many hours for your wedding. Anywhere from five to 12 hours in order to enjoy your day, some have pickup services after the reception which is a good idea if there’ll be alcoholic beverages being served and you don’t want your wedding party to drive home they’ve been drinking.

Wedding Transportation


Wedding Transportation

When your special day arrives, your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect. And one of the best ways to make everything perfect is to keep everyone together in a wedding limousine. This way everyone gets to the church on time, to the park for pictures, and to the wedding reception.

Renting a wedding limousine shows you care about your wedding party because you want them all to have a good time and arrive alive if there will be alcohol served at the reception. And since it’s your special day, you want everyone to be on time and be where they’re supposed to be at the time they’re supposed to be. Plus it’s fun to ride in a stretch limousine where you have no worries about arriving on time or traffic because the driver takes care of everything.

Wedding limousines

Wedding limousines will make sure they have a glorious wedding day. It’s best to get to limousines especially if you have a large wedding party. One can drive the bride and the bridesmaids to the church and the other can drive the groom and groomsmen to the church because everyone is getting ready in different places. Then after the ceremony, the couples can pair off and go to the picture site whether it’s the park or the zoo or some romantic spot and everyone arrives at the same time so the photographer is not waiting on anyone.

Renting a wedding limousine saves people time and money and your wedding party will appreciate this because they will not have to use their own cars to get around town for pictures or visiting people who could not make the wedding such as older grandparents. And showing up to your grandparent’s house in a wedding limousine will tickle them just as much as seeing you on your wedding day. And you won’t have to worry about giving anyone direction it’s except the limo driver.

Wedding Transportation Tips

The limo driver will take you anywhere you want to go because when you rent a wedding limousine the limo issuers for the day and the evening at a reasonable price see you can sit back and enjoy your wonderful day. If after the pictures are completed and you still have time before the reception you can take everyone pulling that something you like to do or to a special diner or restaurant or even take everyone to a movie. It’s your special day and you can do whatever you want and the limo will allow you to do that because everyone is together and you won’t have to wait on anyone getting to wherever you want to go.

Wedding Party

When it’s time for the wedding reception, it is wonderful when everyone is arriving at the same time, because no one likes to wait for just one person to go wrong turn or whose car was not working properly. The wedding limousines are large enough to hold everyone in your wedding party comfortably so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting everyone where they need to be on time. You have other things to worry about on your wedding day, making sure everyone arrives on time should not be one of them.

And at the end of the night after the reception, the limo driver will either take everyone back to the same house and you in your new husband to your hotel, or take everyone to their individual homes whichever arrangements have been made beforehand. Either way, you in your new husband will be taken to your hotel and everyone at the wedding party will be taken home or taken somewhere safe because they do not have to drive so they can sit back and enjoy the party without having to worry about driving home.


Wedding Party

Wedding limousine services can be used to pick up elderly guests who do not derive as well as the wedding party. The limousine service is yours to use at your discretion so you can have the limo pick up whomever you want. It would be a nice gesture to have the limo pick up grandparents and older people attending the wedding we do not drive or who would not like to have to worry about driving to the wedding. That’s why it is nice to rent two limousines, one for the wedding party and another for the guests who do not drive. Everyone will appreciate this and have a good time as well.

Wedding Limos


Cadillac XTS


Passengers: 3

Cost per Hour: $40-70

Cadillac XTS’s are the perfect luxury sedan for the transportation of smaller groups and corporate clients.

The XTS sedan features rear climate controls, Bluetooth and XM Radio, rear privacy shades, navigation, and every additional option you would expect from Cadillac.

- Leather Seating Surfaces
- Tinted Privacy Glass
- Individual Climate Controls


Mercedes Benz s550


Passengers: 3

Cost per Hour: $50-80

The Mercedes Benz s550 is one of Limo Service’s most popular vehicles — and perhaps it’s easy to see why. With a classic design and a stunning interior, the Mercedes S Class offers a cozy ride for up to four passengers.
The Mercedes s550 also features heated leather seats, satellite radio, and other best-in-class features to ensure you can enjoy a memorable travel experience.

- Leather Seating Surfaces
- Tinted Privacy Glass
- Individual Climate Controls


Lincoln Town Car


Passengers: 3

Cost per Hour: $50-90

At Limo Service, our Lincoln Executive L series Town Cars are expertly appointed to provide the finest in luxury chauffeured transportation services.

The Town Car is the perfect vehicle for corporate and business transportation, including airport transfers, business meetings, and providing your clients with luxury chauffeured service.

- Leather Seating Surfaces
- Tinted Privacy Glass
- Individual Climate Controls


Tesla Model S


Passengers: 3

Cost per Hour: $60-90

The Tesla Model S is one of Limo Service's most popular vehicles — and perhaps it’s easy to see why. With a classic design and a stunning interior, the Tesla Model S offers a cozy ride for up to three passengers. The Tesla Model S also features heated leather seats, satellite radio, and other best-in-class features to ensure you can enjoy a memorable travel experience.

- Leather Seating Surfaces
- Tinted Privacy Glass
- Individual Climate Controls


Luxury SUV


Passengers: 6

Cost per Hour: $80-150

Our fleet of Luxury SUVs is driven by one of our top chauffeurs who will provide only the best in service.

Each vehicle is equipped with dark tinted privacy glass, plush leather seating surfaces, CD/DVD premium sound system, and three rows of seating for up to 8 passengers.

– Leather Seating Surfaces
– Tinted Privacy Glass
– Individual Climate Controls


Luxury Stretch Limousine


Passengers: 8

Cost per Hour: $80-90

When arriving at a glamorous event downtown in one of the luxury Limousines from Limo Service, you will be sure to turn a few heads. All of our limousine rentals come with superior personal touches such as etched glassware and chilled bottled water. The tinted windows provide the ultimate in privacy and the plush seats provide the ultimate in comfort.

- Leather Seating Surfaces
- Tinted Privacy Glass
- Individual Climate Controls


Mercedes Sprinter


Passengers: 11

Cost per Hour: $80-100

For executives, tour groups, or wedding parties, the Mercedes Sprinter is a top choice.

The Mercedes Sprinter includes seating for up to 14 passengers, along with plenty of legroom and storage space.

It even features a TV and DVD player, providing travelers with many opportunities to enjoy themselves while they’re on the go.

- Leather Seating Surfaces
- Video Screen
- DVD Player
- Bottled Water Provided


Luxury Party Bus


Passengers: 18+

Cost per Hour: $150-195

The ultimate choice for transporting larger groups, our Ford f-550 minibusses will allow you to stretch out comfortably and enjoy your entire evening. You might not even want to leave the bus! As with all of our bus rentals, the luxury executive bus comes equipped with flat-screen TVs and privacy tinting, allowing you to forget about the world outside. At Limo Service, we take great pride in the selection of our executive vans and buses, and our variety ensures that you will never be disappointed with your selection.

- Leather Seating Surfaces
- TV With DVD Player
- Beverage Station


Full Size Motor Coach


Passengers: 55

Cost per Hour: from $165

55 passenger motorcoaches offer reclining seats with plenty of legroom, adjustable footrests, and individual reading lights.

Buses are equipped with restrooms, overhead racks for carry-on bags, climate-controlled air conditioning & heating, plenty of weather-proof luggage compartments with storage space for all of your guests’ luggage, and audio/video equipment including a PA system. Check out your favorite movies on 6 8-inch TVs. 

- Standard Bus Style Seating
- LCD TV With DVD Player
- Plenty of room for Luggage

The Limousine Service is yours to use for anyone, not just the wedding party, so if Aunt Hazel and uncle Henry have had a little too much to drink you can send them home in the limousine if you have them after the reception pickup. Then they can come back the next day to the church or reception to pick up their car. Hiring a wedding limousine service shows that you care about the people who are attending your wedding because you care about how they get home.